After unlocking the Grenhellir Shelter in Murderer’s Creed: Valhalla Daybreak of Ragnarok, you’ll bump into the Discovering Fritjof quest. This quest will take you into Uldar within the seek for Fritjof. Right here is your quest information to finishing the Discovering Fritjof quest in Murderer’s Creed: Valhalla Daybreak of Ragnarok.

The place is Fritjof in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla: Daybreak of Ragnarok?

As talked about beforehand, you’ll get this quest after discovering the Grenhellir Shelter. Listed here are the steps you want to comply with to finish the Discovering Fritjof quest:

Releasing Tyra in Uldar

First, you’ll must journey throughout the convey into Uldar. Kill the entire Muspel whereas making your means up the road on the fitting. Dispatch the subsequent group of Muspel and climb up the ladder. Undergo the window to enter Fritjof’s home. Sadly, he isn’t there. Search the deserted home for clues of the place Fritjof went. Use R3 to scan for the clues. There are 5 clues in complete.

The subsequent place you’ll must go is the Smelting Foundry. Both filter out the Muspel or use the rooftops to enter the Smelting Foundry undetected. For an Uncut Gemstone and a ton of Iron Ore, journey as much as the second degree and ahead into the Foundry. Use the Energy of Muspelheim to assassinate the Muspel and never get damage by the lava. After releasing the dwarves cornered by two Muspel, journey down the hall on the fitting with jailed dwarves. Free Tyra and escort her out of the Foundry. Use the Energy of Muspelheim to sneak previous the entire Muspel and take Tyra exterior.

Discovering Fritjof on the Fornama Dig Website

As soon as you’re exterior, comply with Tyra onto her boat and throughout the river. Kill the Muspel patrol and proceed following. On the fork within the street, scan the atmosphere for clues. Kill the wolves and proceed. Fritjof is trapped in the middle of the Fornama Dig Website in a cage. To be able to get the important thing, head to the west facet of the dig website. Use the steps main down and use the Energy of Muspelheim to get into the room. Additionally, loot the chest from some Platinum. Head again to Fritjof and carry him again to Tyra.

That can full the search, rewarding you with 6800 XP and the Scholar and the Sunstone quest. For extra quest assist or suggestions and methods relating to issues just like the fastest way to get Silica or what difficulty to choose, take a look at our Dawn of Ragnarok guides.

Murderer’s Creed: Valhalla Daybreak of Ragnarok is out there now on the Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and PC.


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